Ornaments For Your Timber Home

Our houses take different shapes, sizes, colours and interior settings and thus we need to coordinate them according to the type of theme we stick to. It’s such an interesting thing to be living in a house that can be transformed according to the kind of styles you like with season to season but the one thing that matters the most is that the base of the house is flexible enough to be switch up that way. There are houses that are made of whites and beiges which really give out the potential, space for you to switch up different warmer and cooler tones where you need it but if you have a house that is more towards browns and blacks with natural touch of wood, you have less chance of changing it completely as the whole home sticks to one theme. 

The moment I think of timber homes, the different wine cellar designs and old houses with high shelves is what comes to my head. It’s true that the definition of a modern house usually gets along with tiles, granite and marble and the thought of timber always gives a very country side, classical vibe to a house. This read especially to those people who own a woody home and who loves to decorate it a little in a modern way. Although it is impossible to completely pull out the timber floors, doors and furniture, there are few ornaments that could play it up.

Tree branch lamps

There are so many shops that sell out those artistic woody branches that can either be stood up in the corner of a house, kept leaning on to a wall on the edges or the ones that we can actually on the top of the ceiling as a holder. These can be used to hang different LED warm toned lights or lamps to give a more chic look. The branch will stick to theme timber theme of the house and at the same time the shimmery lights can give a more modern vibe to the house.

Wall hanging frames

This could also be a really nice idea if you could have different timber shaded framed to work as wooden wine racks for sale, hold in some good books or photos. If you have a bare wall that can push in some good items to be showcased then these frames can do a good job.

These are some of the ornaments that you can incorporate in to your home if you are looking out for more woody effects with a little modern touch.

Precautionary Methods In Case You Get Locked Out Of Your Own House

Every one of us has been in a situation where we have accidentally locked ourselves out of our own house or left our keys at home and been unable to get in to the house. If you are a house owner or if you rent out a house, this will inevitably happen to you at least once in your life and if you have not thought well ahead and left an extra key with a friend, you will be in trouble. In most cases, most people will only start thinking about it at the point where they realize that they have been locked out and it can be difficult to think when you are fretting and worried.

Always be prepared

It is important for you to be well prepared for an occurrence like this by planning ahead. Although everyone wishes and hopes they will not be in a situation of this sort, it is a good idea for you to think ahead and prepare just in case it does. You will want to consider hiding an extra key somewhere in your garden, in a place where only you can guess. Of course, this is quite risky because someone else could find it and simply use the extra key to open up your home when you are not around and steal your things so you need to be extra careful when doing this. Another thing you can do is to always have the number of a 24 hour locksmith on hand at all times whether you leave the extra key in your garden or not.

Most home owners will frantically start looking for the numbers of Newcastle locksmiths at the point where they have gotten locked out and this can be difficult, especially if you have been locked out at an odd hour of the night after a night out on the town.

It might also be a good idea to give an extra key to a friend that you trust so that you can always call him or her over to help you out in case of an emergency. Of course, again, if it at midnight or a really bad time, you may not be able to sort it out this way. It is always best to take many precautions in case you get locked out. The best option of course is to find a very secret place to have an extra key, even if that means to bury it where no one else can see it or find it.