8 Quick Ways To Spruce Up Your Living Room

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Here are 8 fantastic ideas to make your living room go from ok to phenomenal without spending too much time or breaking the bank.

1. Take your TV off of the cabinet and hang it on the wall. TV brackets are cheap to buy from many electrical goods and hardware stores. Plus, they require little effort to install them. Just be careful with the last part when you put the TV on it because it can be tricky and a broken TV can be tearful.

2. Repaint your walls to get a clean, fresh look. The trend recently has been to adopt a feature wall. That means, using a lighter tone on three walls and then a bolder colour on just one of the walls. If you prefer wallpaper, you can still utilize the feature wall effect by only papering one wall.

3. Buy a throw for your couch and chairs to make them look like brand new pieces of executive office furniture for sale. This has the added benefit of feeling like your lounge set has been professionally cleaned without having to shell out for the privilege.

4. Hang up a new piece of art somewhere in the room. A great place to put a painting is above the couch if the couch is sitting flush against a large wall. If paintings are not your style then you could go for a large retro advertisement from another country. 

5. Removing the carpets and revealing some incredible looking floorboards has a marvellous effect to the overall style of the room. They may need to be polished to restore them back to their natural glory. Not only do polished floorboards look great, they are also much easier to clean.

6. If you do decide to go with floorboards in your property, the room may look a little bare. That’s why you should get a rug. Rugs do not have to be expensive to make the place look good and bring the whole room together. A simple rug that matches the theme of your living room will do the trick nicely.

7. By changing your lightshade, you could open up your living to receiving more light, which in turn makes it feel much bigger. Of course, you could also use a new lightshade to make the room feel smaller to give it a cosier feel. 

8. In a similar fashion to a new lightshade, installing a new fan ensures you keep up with the new trends as well as saving time and effort cleaning your old fan.

If you are worried about removing items from your living room to make space, you can always repurpose any old furniture you have like desks and monitor stands and put them in another room. Additionally, before purchasing items for your living room makeover, search for images online to make sure your finished design will match the ideas in your head.

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