Converting An Old House Into A Guest House

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If you have plans to start up your own guest house and you are thinking about building one, you might want to reconsider your plans and settle instead to renovate and refurbish an old cottage or an old house and convert it into an old style guest house. Having an old Cottage converted is likely to intrigue your guests and potential guests and also give them a better experience than a modern, newly built house which is something that they are likely already accustomed to. Old cottages have some amazing features that most people today, especially younger people have not seen nor experienced and are likely to be awe stuck by. The trick is to restore the old building while leaving as many of its original features intact.

Scrubbing and renovating

Of course as you would expect with any old house, the house or cottage that you have chosen is likely to be run down, dirty and require intense tile and grout cleaning in Berwick among other things. You will need to buy brand new upholstery, linen and furniture for your new guest house. However when it comes to furniture you may not need to buy brand new furniture as you may simply clean and restore the furniture that is already in the old cottage. If the cottage came unfurnished then you may go to an antique shop in the area that will be able to give you some amazing old antique furniture at unbelievable rates that have some great stories to go with them.

The people who are doing your tile and grout cleaning may also be able to do the color washing for the walls in the cottage. Even if they are unable to do so themselves they may be able to recommend someone in the area who will be able to do your color washing reasonable rate.

You will need to hire cleaning and reception staff to keep your guest house running. It is advisable to hire trustworthy cleaner as soon as possible so that they may start helping out with the restoration process and getting accustomed to the cottage and it’s processes. You will need to create an online presence for your guest house by opening up a Facebook page and a Twitter page where you will be able to advertise the guest house. Have a professional photographer come in and take some amazing pictures of the guest house that you will be able to upload on social media in order to attract guests

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