Starting A Small Food Garden On Your Porch

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All of the food we eat today, whether packeted food or fresh vegetables and fruits are laced with chemicals and preservatives that cause dangerous illnesses. Although they tend to cost a little bit extra, it is always advisable to switch to organic whole food as much as possible because you may not even realize that the food you put in to your body is causing you a lot of damage inside of your body, the damage whose effects will only begin to show at a later stage of your life. It is a sad reality that even most kids today eat a lot of junk food from fast food joints such as McDonald’s and Kentucky fried chicken where the food served is so laced with chemicals and preservatives that they have been known to not rot for over twenty years. You can then imagine what they do to your body.

Start a gardening hobby with your kids

Most kids today spend most of their time on their computers, phones and their ipads and rarely ever come outside of their bedrooms. It would be a great idea to start a small food garden on your own porch with your kids where you will not only be able to teach your children the value of gardening but you will also help them realize the value of eating organic home grown food. Of course, you will need to buy ziptrak outdoor blinds for your little garden in order to protect it from bad weather.

Although it is a well-known fact that rain and sun is extremely good for plants to grow, it is also important to realize that extreme weather such as a lot of rain and extremely hot sun can make your plants die or become weak and that is where ziptrak outdoor blinds will come in use.

Doing your research

Before you start your little garden, it would be useful for you to get together with your kids and do some research on the different kinds of plants that grow easily in your country and in your climate. In addition to this, it would be useful to do your research on the different techniques you will need to use to take care of each plant. Some plants will need more water while others will survive on very little water and similarly, some plants will need a lot of sun and other will need shade or need to be kept indoors. It is important that you know all this information for each plant that you choose.

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