Birthday Gift Ideas For Your Dad

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If you’re drawing blank on what to get the person who has been you number one cheerleader and your personal ATM from day one. This article is for you, as unlike other articles it would not suggest ‘No.1 Dad’ mugs or t-shirts, rather it would recommend gift ideas for the favourite man in your life based on his hobbies.

For the Sports Fan

If, your father likes to spend his Sundays or even every night of the week watching the game on the television you can kick up his favourite pastime a notch by arranging to take him to a game on his birthday. Aside from watching his favourite team together, this can also be a great moment to bond with your father over his hobbies. But, if your father would prefer to watch the game from the comfort of his home you could invest in a comfortable arm chair or even a new television set. Furthermore, if your dad is not the type to invest in his favourite Team’s jumper you could buy it for him and get it framed. But, one has to note that sporting memorabilia jumper framing Melbourne is an art itself as you have to ensure that the jumper would not get damaged in the process. Moreover, for the younger dads who were born after the year 1954 you could gift them with a Sports Illustrated reprint from the week he was born.

For the Movie Buff

For the movie enthusiast you could arrange for a movie night at home with a marathon of one of his favourite movie series. Furthermore, to revamp an average movie night at home, you can purchase a vintage popcorn maker to create the perfect buttery movie pop corn experience from the comfort of your own home. Moreover, you could obtain a poster from one his favourite movies when growing up and have it framed, as poster framing delivering a personalised service.

For the Outdoor Dad

If your dad loves to travel, explore and is ready for the next great adventure at the drop of a hat, you could buy him a vintage compass and engrave it with his name. However, if your father believes he’s an amateur Indiana Jones you could invest in an Indiana Jones accessory kit for adults which includes both the whip and hat. But, a word of warning, if you wish to proceed with this gift one has to be prepared for spontaneous bursts of Indiana Jones imitation to come from your dad’s mouth.With these tips you can for sure impress your old man on his birthday.

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