Brightening Not Buying

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Bath enameling is the process to renew your bath, the old surface is prepared and then the spraying begins, now depending on the severity of the clean and work a contractor has to do to prep the bath, it should only take around five to six hours to complete. This is to allow for materials to set before applying another coat and completing the job in a half arsed manner, let the guys do their job and don’t complain about how long they are there. After all this will save you heaps of cash and the time it would take to replace a bathtub, not a matter of hours but possibly days.

Cast iron, pressed steel and acrylic baths can undergo bathtub resurfacing Adelaide and the end result will be a smooth, clean finish, there should be no colour from underneath showing and the surface should be shiny and smooth, with no signs of where the material was applied. If the bath you have is very badly damaged then there may be no recourse but to buy a new one but the contractors will be able to inform you of the death of your old tub when they come to do a quote, if they look at the bath and appear sorrowful then you know it is time to ditch and start hunting down a new one. 

In most cases they will be able to remove any stains and rust from your bath and protect it from future moisture getting into the surface and causing damage. I have not been able to find a quote for how long the enameling will last but with careful cleaning and usage it should last for many years, as they say. Now that is a very ambiguous statement, many people may think many years is ten or twenty while others may expect five or so and here is a disturbing reason for the bath not lasting as long. While I was looking up care instructions I came across this little beauty, the life of the bath will be determined by abrasive cleaning chemicals and chemical attack. What the hell do they mean by that, I get the cleaning chemicals bit but chemical attack, what some dude is going to walk into my bathroom and suddenly start going at my bathtub with a bottle full of acid and then calmly walk out with a smug look on his face. Taught that bathtub a thing or two, seems like a fairly random statement, maybe they are thinking if you are mixing up a batch of your favorite illicit drug, don’t do it in a resurfaced one because the finish will be damaged. A concern right at the top of the list for a local drug dealer, not that the cops may be busting in any second but that the bath may get a bit damaged, can see how that would prey on their minds.

Maybe you need to ask about that one and they can give you a sensible answer.

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