Preventing Athletics Injuries In School Students

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The young sportsmen nowadays are stronger and more developed and they drive themselves tougher than ever before. Schools at present are conducting more and more sports camps and holding physical activities all year. Therefore the kids get to play their favourite sport year-round too. More time in the grounds or courts means higher chances of getting injured with a sprained knee or twisted ankle. Although sports medicine has enhanced with time it is always better to prevent damage than curing it after it happens.

Have a discussion with them
It is always important to make sure the kids know they can talk to someone if and when a pain or a discomfort occurs. Some tough children will push through their body pain which is not a good thing. A lesson in biology should be given to make them understand what happens when you don’t take precautions or the result of ignoring an aching. Intervention of a medical professional has to be sought if faced with a puzzling condition; some can lead to newer ailments which we are not aware of. It is better to take a physical examination before the season starts. As most schools and colleges have a artificial grass cost it is also best to have knowledge sharing sessions on how to play on one to minimize injuries to your body.

When in the ground
Sometimes kids start to play right away when they step in to the ground. This is not advisable at all. Coaches and teachers should always stress the importance of warming up. It includes stretching of the body prior to playing a sport which is a significant prevention technique that must be practiced by all sportsmen. Static and dynamic stretching during initial warm-ups will help relax the muscles and get the students ready to engage in the sport. Holding a certain position for some time is static and where the body moves continuously is considered dynamic. It has to be made sure that the kids take a rest as well. Some, in the hopes of winning a tournament, practice continuously and that can hurt their bodies way more than they imagine. Not having enough sleep and fatigue of the muscle are the reasons for injuries in the field. Especially parents should make sure their kids have off-season relaxation activities every year.

More steps to survive the field
Recently we saw deaths of several world-famous athletes. A main reason for critical illnesses such as heart related diseases could be not enough intake of water, especially during humid and hot days, Athletes should have sufficient hydration. They should also look out for related signs such as nausea, vomiting etc. Using proper equipment is also of essence. Shoes, pads, helmets are a must. Coaches should make sure the kids do not step in to the artificial sports turf without the proper gear.

Today the young athletes will be tomorrow’s Olympic winners for the country. It is our responsibility to take care of them to ensure they do.

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